Vixpert prioritizes client satisfaction, and therefore, we have established stringent protocols. Our services commence only after both parties have mutually agreed upon and signed the contract provided by Vixpert.

All website development projects engaged with Vixpert necessitate the execution of a signed contract prior to initiation. This comprehensive contract meticulously delineates the agreed-upon deliverables, project timeline, and payment terms. Signatures from both parties, encompassing the client and Vixpert, underscore our mutual dedication to upholding the stipulated terms. In the event that clients seek alterations to the project scope, both parties will engage in collaborative efforts to draft and sign an addendum, thereby formalizing any modifications.

All web development projects require a deposit to commence work. The contract specifies the deposit amount, any milestones, and the final payment terms. Payments made are nonrefundable unless the contract is canceled within 48 hours of its issuance. If clients wish to cancel the project after this period, a partial refund will be provided within 3-4 working days.

As we hold the expectation for timely delivery of the web project, we similarly anticipate your prompt provision of the necessary images and content. This collaborative effort ensures that we adhere to the agreed-upon deadline. Upon receiving the project for review and assessment, we kindly request your thorough evaluation of the website, focusing on bug identification and functionality assessment. Your timely feedback will greatly contribute to the project’s success.

At Vixpert, we maintain a culture of positivity and professionalism, and we hold our clients to the same standard. Should any issue arise, clear communication is essential for resolution. We are committed to collaborating with you to address any concerns, including bug fixes outlined in the project scope and contract agreement."

The client changing the scope of the project partway through does not imply that we are failing to meet the project requirements unless both parties have agreed to the changes. Adding new work during the project and making changes require an addendum and additional costs.

Refund Policy